Covid-19's Affect on Mosquito Control

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Saginaw Mosquito Control has to adjust its operations.

It is considered an essential public health service and is thus committed to fulfilling its mission of protecting the county against mosquito-borne diseases and overall mosquito annoyance.

As the season progresses, we will implement phases towards having a full seasonal staff according to guidelines and as we learn more.

A quick look at how SCMAC programs and residents will be affected as we take precautions for the safety of our staff and the community

Services may be delayed

We still want to hear from you when mosquitoes are bad in your area, but due to staffing limitations and safety precautions we may not respond to service calls immediately. We will also prioritize communication over the phone before a site inspection to avoid in-person interactions.

Noted changes and delays:

  • Suspension of property/yard spray treatments until June

Tire Collection & Drop-off

SCMAC household scrap tire collection starts May 3rd.

Drop-off at our facility, by appointment only. Visit our Tire Drive page for instructions.

Community tire drives will be scheduled when able.

Presentations & events Virtual Only

To reduce COVID-19 exposure, you are not likely to see us in your community as often as in previous years. As restrictions lessen or events

Follow us through social media (Twitter & Facebook) for information that will be helpful and educational to residents. If you have mosquito questions or need advice, feel free to send us your questions via e-mail or give us a call!

Surveillance and control will continue

You're likely to see us doing our regular mosquito control and surveillance activities. We will treat catch basins, ditches, flooded fields & woodlots and a variety of our other normal activities.

Perhaps you may see a few more trucks together as our crew practices social distancing.

How you can help

Give SCMAC employees social distance

You may see our staff doing surveillance, treatment, or other work. You may see a few more trucks together as crew drive to sites individually.

Please give them appropriate social distance for their safety and yours!

Wear bug spray

If you're enjoying some extra time outdoors during the "Stay at Home" order, we highly recommend the following:

  • Wear bug spray. We advise using EPA-registered repellent products, such as those containing Deet

  • Avoid being outdoors around dusk and dawn

  • Cover your body as much as possible to reduce potential biting. Mosquitoes are also attracted to darker colors

  • Use a fan to circulate the air across your porch

Check your yard for containers

Anything that can hold standing water has the potential to breed mosquitoes, so now is a great time to clear gutters, remove unused flower pots, and fill in any tree holes or low spots. Keep pools & bird baths clean. Encourage your neighbors to do the same!

Learn more at our HELP US page