2022 mILLAGE

1.0 property millage

20 year

Renewed 2022

$100 000 home = $50/yr

SCMAC is seeking funding for a 20 year 1.0 property millage. The owner of a $100,000 home would pay approximately $50 per year.
This rate is calculated on the
taxable value for the property.

November Millage Solution

Ensures continuation of our responsive mosquito control program and services that promote both public health and quality of life for all of Saginaw County

Provides additional support needed to continue current operations and respond to future challenges

  • Current millage expires in December 2023

  • Funds all Mosquito Abatement Services and Programs

  • Flexibility to respond to current and future challenges posed by mother nature, mosquitoes, diseases, and regulations

  • Continued Investment in technologies that improve efficiency and efficacy

  • Addresses increased costs associated with labor, products, services, technology, and utilities

  • New Mosquito Abatement facility improving access to services, functionality, efficiency, and sustainability

      • Coincides with on-going community improvement around current location

      • Current facilities are insufficient, lack efficiencies, and limiting

          • Our main building was built in 1940’s

      • New facility and location would ensure functional operations for decades to come

      • Less maintenance costs will result in investment into programs and services

  • Addresses increased costs associated with control products, services, technology, labor, fuel and utilities

Millage parameters

November 2022 Ballot - will seek increase and replace the current millage and provide operational funding as well as funding for a new Mosquito facility

  • 20-year millage, 2022 – 2041, with rate up to 1.0 mill of taxable valuation.

  • New rate accounts for an additional cost of $18 for $100,000 valued home, or an additional $1.50/month, annually

      • 56% increase of our current millage rate, 0.64 mills

      • Majority of funding will go towards operations and services with 16% or less targeting facility construction costs

  • Will allow for greater flexibility in response to changes and unknowns relating to costs, regulations, seasons, land-use, mosquito populations, and vector-borne disease

      • Disperses facility construction cost/bond over longer period

      • Allows for earlier payment or accelerated payment of bond if economically feasible

Renewal and Increase Proposal on Ballot

For the purpose of funding of Mosquito Abatement Commission operations, for example the control and abatement of mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases, mosquito source reduction, public education, and operating expenses, and for the construction of a new mosquito abatement facility, shall the previously voted increase in the limitation on the total amount of general ad valorem taxes which may be imposed for all purposes upon real and personal property in Saginaw, which last resulted in a levy of up to 0.64 mill ($0.64 per $1,000) of taxable valuation, be renewed and increased for a levy of up to 1.00 mill ($1.00 per $1,000) of taxable valuation as finally equalized during the years 2022 – 2041, both inclusive, as authorized by Article 9, Section 6 of the Michigan Constitution of 1963, as amended, which if approved and levied in its entirety, is estimated to raise $5,763,700 in the first year of levy?

  • YES

  • NO

Millage Rate History

Millage History – Inflationary costs forthcoming

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