How You Can Help

REport Mosquito Nuisance

If you have a lot of standing water or adult mosquitoes are becoming a nuisance, call the office to file a report.

REport dead birds (Covids)

Crows and Blue Jays are birds fatally affected by West Nile Virus.

If you spot a crow or blue jay that looks sickly or has died within 24 hours, give us a call or visit our SURVEILLANCE page to learn more or report it online.

Recycle old Tires

Tires are a preferred breeding habitat for mosquitoes as it provides shelter, water, warmth and plenty of food.

Recycle old tires through our Tire Drive program or via other available means.

Check your yard for containers

Anything that can hold standing water has the potential to breed mosquitoes.

Drain standing water around your house weekly. Therefore

  • Clear gutters, remove unused flower pots, and fill in any tree holes or low spots

  • Dump out any containers with water, then store it or turn it upside down

  • Keep pools & bird baths clean

Encourage your neighbors to do the same!

More tips from the EPA

Wear Bug Spray

If you're enjoying some time outdoors, we highly recommend using bug spray.

We advise using EPA-registered repellent products, such as those containing Deet.

Learn more about repellents from the CDC and EPA

What to Wear

If you're enjoying some time outdoors

  • Cover your body as much as possible to reduce potential biting

    • Mosquitoes may still bite through tight clothing such as spandex

  • Mosquitoes are attracted to darker colors

  • Use a fan to circulate the air across your porch

Time of Day

Avoid being outdoors around dusk and dawn. Most mosquitoes are active during those times.

A few other considerations

  • Some species are active all through the night

  • Some species hide in shaded areas and can then bite

  • A few species even bite in direct sunlight

Share these tips with your neighbors